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~Tip Kihipily 1.Dec.03 09:37 PM a Web browser
Notes Client 6.0.1 All Platforms

OK, I'm confused. I've read that the expiration time for soft deletes is 1000 documents and then I read 1000 hours and then 32,000 some odd documents, etc. The Soft Delete Option in the database properties show hours. Which is it, hours or documents and how many? If both, where should I change the # of documents? Does it depend on if you're using the Inotes 6 template or the 6.0 template?

I have a user that wants to keep soft deleted documents longer than 48 hours (2 days) in his mail file and I had him change his expiration to 1000 thinking it was hours (41.6 days). Never mind that I can't figure out why he wants them that long, but he does and it's not working. Soft deleted documents began disappearing after about 1 week of the change.

Anyone have any answers/ideas?



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